EXAGENS Proudly Sponsors CCUA/WCUC 2023 World Credit Union Conference image

Exagens once again sponsors the Canadian Credit Union Association's Annual Conference, this year in association with the World Credit Union Council

Desjardins signs fourth consecutive multi-year agreement with exagens image

This new agreement builds upon collaborative success already realized by Desjardins, its members, and its business customers


Exagens is thrilled to be returning to the Canadian Credit Union Association’s Annual Conference, and we’re well pleased to do our small part as a sponsor as we return face-to-face in Niagara Falls May 8th to 11th 2022.

Harnessing the Holidays: How user-bonding interactions nearly tripled the acceptance rate of digital financial offers image

This case study examines the effects of an actual User-Bonding Interaction presented to members of Desjardins, a Canadian credit union, in the run up to the Halloween holiday, and its positive effect on the acceptance rate of a subsequent campaign that nudged users towards the creation and funding of a high interest savings account.

CUNA Marketing and BD Council Conference Sponsored by Exagens image

Exagens continues its support of the credit union movement with sponsorship of this year’s annual CUNA Council Conference dedicated to Marketing and Business Development, live and in person, in the west coast sunshine.

CUBroadcast Interviews CEO at Filene's big.bright.minds.2021 image

During Filene Research Institute's 2021 big.bright.minds Conference, Exagens President/CEO Michael Stojda talks about credit unions can put humanism back into the banking experience using today's digital services.

No Data, No Drama: How Behavioral Science Can Help the Banking Industry image

Behavioral science help achieve a better customer experience with limited data. Financial Institutions have great customer data, but still face a number of hurdles - and that is assuming data is easily accessible, merge, clean and analyze that data before starting to reap the benefits. In the meantime, behavioral banking opens the way to create remarkable customer experiences without most of the hurdles affecting massive data.

Exagens Helps Customers and Members of Financial Institutions and the Montreal Community as a Whole During COVID-19 Crisis image

Exagens has partnered with its customers to help their customers and members. Working with Desjardins, we’ve reached out to millions of individuals and businesses seeking information, guidance and assistance during these new and challenging times.

Desjardins Chooses exagens Behavioral Banking Platform for Multiyear Contract to Enhance Digital Customer Relationships image

Desjardins Group has selected Montreal-based exagens and its award-winning behavioral banking platform to further enrich the digital experience it provides members. Powered by exagens, Desjardin’s Assistant AccèsD has already proactively reached out to over 3 million members and engaged in more than 8 million conversations to provide tips, offer advice, and assist in transactions.

Exagens named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner image

Exagens has been named a Cool Vendor in the 2019 Cool Vendors in Banking report by Gartner, Inc. Since revealing the leading results being achieved with its behavioral-based solutions last year, the recognition and awards received by exagens has grown significantly.