Harnessing the Holidays: How user-bonding interactions nearly tripled the acceptance rate of digital financial offers

This case study examines the effects of an actual User-Bonding Interaction presented to members of Desjardins, a Canadian credit union, in the run up to the Halloween holiday, and its positive effect on the acceptance rate of a subsequent campaign that nudged users towards the creation and funding of a high interest savings account.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital User-Bonding interactions demonstrably increased subsequent engagement and conversions.

  • The success rate of financial advice/cross-selling increased 272% among people who previously interacted with a User-Bonding behavioral banking message.

  • Even without engagement, exposure alone to the user-bonding interaction resulted in a 21% increase in the subsequent acceptance rate.

This case study, the first in a series composed by the research and development team at exagens, explores one of the many facets of behavioral science/economics: the impact of User-Bonding interactions on digital engagement and conversions. The data presented represents actual results from an exagens Behavioral Banking Platform deployed at a financial institution.

Behavioral Banking is the fusion of behavioral and data science to create highly individualized, emotionally and financially engaging money-related personal and community insights, tips, and advice which positively affect individuals to save, spend, and borrow wisely.

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