Exagens Sponsors Filene’s Annual big.bright.minds.2021 Conference

Exagens will once again be the official virtual sponsor for The Filene Research Institute, this time supporting their annual flagship conference: big.bright.minds.2021. The conference is being hosted at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, California, from October 26th to 28th, 2021, as well as through their event app. The event will be preceded on October 25th by their Annual Member Meeting.

Exagens will again be compiling benchmark research in association with the event. Following up on the survey and analysis we conducted at the Cultivating Innovation + Humanizing Technology Research Event in August, we continue to work in tandem with the research-based mission of Filene and the evidence-based approach that is built into the work that we do here at Exagens. Our in-house team includes data scientists, behavioral economists, psychologists, and linguists, among other specialties, leading to a great deal of overlapping kinship with the expert-driven philosophy of Filene.

If you want to receive a copy of the research report compiled after the event, you can request a copy here.

Filene's signature event is going to be even bigger and brighter in 2021!

Big.bright.minds.2021 is the culmination and compilation of the best that Filene has to offer and brings together a community of credit union leaders passionate about taking their credit unions forward.

Supporting Filene’s ongoing mission is therefore a logical continuation of exagens’ near-decade of work helping credit unions help their members through their digital channels with individualized, emotionally engaging, and financially rewarding experiences.

The three day event brings together all six of their Centers of Excellence: (1) Community Social Impact; (2) Data Analysis; (3) Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion; (4) Emerging Technology; (5) Innovation + Incubation; and (6) Financial Lives in Transition. These Centers build on a significant body of research that has strengthened the credit union system and delivered impactful results to consumers.

Once again, the event will use a hybrid model, offering both in-person and virtual viewing options in order to accommodate the most members possible in the context of the on-going pandemic. Exagens is proud to help support the hybrid model of this event, as the official virtual sponsor of the event, expanding the audience that can access the wonderful expertise offered at all Filene events.

Our CEO, Michael Stojda, will be attending the event in person. Our marketing lead Marie-Eve Reid, will be available virtually.


What you can look forward to at the event:

Day 1: How Can Credit Unions Grow?

Kicking us off, Fellows Jeffrey Robinson and Lisa Servon guide us through case studies and insights into how fostering an entrepreneurial culture and becoming more inclusive can help your credit union grow.

Day 2: How is DEI and Community the Key to Differentiation?

Day 2 brings Fellows Quinetta Roberson and Mai Nguyen together to share insights and case studies on activating DEI practices based on insights from the inaugural credit union industry DEI survey and where you can focus your development efforts to address a growing urgency around financial well-being.

Day 3: How Do You Know When You're Ready to Transform?

Closing out big.bright.minds., Fellows Bill Maurer and Cheri Speier-Pero share insights and case studies into building trustworthy technology and knowing when and how to leverage data for digital transformation.

To see the full agenda, please visit the big.bright.minds.2021 event page on the Filene website.

If you have not yet registered for the event, it is still possible to do so here.


The Filene Research Institute works to strengthen organizations through cutting-edge research, incubation opportunities to test and scale solutions, advisory services to help organizations implement innovation, and host communities and events to connect a community of leaders to improve financial well-being. Filene moves credit unions forward with research and incubation support. For more information, visit filene.org.

Exagens' autonomous Behavioral Banking platforms are designed to simplify the process of personal banking by focusing on increasing engagement and adoption and loyalty through humanizing digital channels. Exagens helps Credit Unions provide highly individualized and actionable money related insights to improve the financial lives of their members symbiotically.

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