Exagens Helps Customers and Members of Financial Institutions and the Montreal Community as a Whole During COVID-19 Crisis

We are donating all proceeds to date from our COVID-19 related work to charities in our community, multiplying our ability to support those affected, directly and indirectly.

For weeks, exagens has partnered with its customers to help their customers and members. For example, working with Desjardins, we’ve reached out to millions of individuals and businesses seeking information, guidance and assistance during these new and challenging times.

People wanted to know how to get government subsidies faster, and we accompanied them to register to direct deposit of the Canada Revenue Agency.

People wanted to know what their financial institution was going to do for them. We guided them to the information.

We helped people do things on digital channels that they never did before and made them feel good for a moment. For some of us, paying a bill online seems trivial, however, for a lot of people it is a new thing that they were forced to do because of the situation. We accompanied them through that and more.

Knowing the COVID-19 situation has affected others so much more, and in ways we can not directly assist, we decided to donate all the proceeds from COVID-19 related work to date, to enable three charities in our community to better assist the elderly, the homeless, and people across all walks of life in need.