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Only 30% of Canadians follow a monthly budget while just 40% have a formal financial plan in place.CIBC

Financial services industry should provide consumers with information in simple and clear language.Canadian Task Force for Financial Literacy

Six in ten (62%) Canadians ‘agree’ that they could use help with their financial management skills.Ipsos: Financial Literacy Research 2011

“A significant portion of our clients, and I don’t think we’re any different from other online brokerage, are inactive. They’re not doing anything,”Connie Stefankiewicz, SVP Bank of Montreal

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Monetize Online and Mobile Banking

Digital channels conform a priviliged one-to-one communication space between you and your customers where you can present them offers that make the most sense for their concrete situations. No more "one size fits all" messaging; tell them, show them, with numbers, why a product is better for them. Bring branch-level advice and service to your digital offering. And do it for them all at the same time. Don't wait for your customers to ask you what they want to do... suggest them the best product, the best service, the best course of action, proactively.


Loyalize your customers

Create a unique digital relationship with your customers; help, advice, simplify, alert... 24/7, everywhere, proactively... don’t wait for them to tell you... simplify payments, alert of bills unpaid even those that aren’t ebills, detect new situations are offer advice and help, be fun and empathic... create a bond. Your online and mobile banking will be trusted advisors and helpers, and they will be fun too.


Improve Hit Rate

Target customers with precise offers that cater to their needs, style, apply completely to their situations, on a one-to-one basis... and present them with clear reasons, whether it is fit to past behavior, recent transactions, change in their situation or other variables... show them “why your offer is better for them, concretely”. No more generic offers, it is time to realize the one-to-one marketing promise.


Minimize costs

Targeting all your customers with different offers requires a near-zero cost per offer. exagens solution provides exactly that, an online platform to create, test and deploy products and services offers at the near-zero marginal cost. This will also enable cost reductions as more offers are transformed from traditional, more expensive channels, to the online platform. Stop choosing what to push because of costs and efforts... push all your products to all your customers all the time.


Act and React Faster

Even when the product or service is ready, communicating to the user takes effort and time... the choice of channel, the wait for the right moment and the costs. These efforts lead to a reduced flow of communication towards your customers and slows the product and services deployment chain. In some cases that can be critical, like when reacting to a competitors offer or in a time sensitive escenario... exagens’ solutions reducing the effort of IT departments (sometimes to none) bring one-day turnaround from decision to communicate to test with friendly users and deploy of the offer.