Bonding with Members Through Behavioral Banking to Grow Together

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Spark customers to save, spend, borrow, and invest wisely

MoneySparxs enables credit unions to extend and reinforce their people-focused reputational advantage into the digital realm by providing Sparxs to their members and customers, cost-effectively engaging and people and sparking them to save, spend, borrow, and invest wisely - fueling better outcomes for the credit union, their community, and the individuals they serve:

  • Customers enjoy better, individualized assistance and guidance, tailored to their specific circumstances.
  • The credit union reaps long lasting financial growth that can only come from customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust: a greater share of wallet, more product adoption and usage, and reducing churn.

Behavioral Banking codifies the aspects of psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics, (Behavioral Science) which characterize the dominant role emotions have in how we think about and make decisions re- garding money. It understands why most people would rather go to the dentist than deal with their finances and how best to engage them. Then, using advanced analytics and AI, it creates situationally relevant and emotion- ally activating money-related scenarios (Sparxs), individualized and curated to each persons’ unique situation and concerns.