Max enables you to provide each of your members with their own digital, personal financial assistant by delivering support, tips, awareness, and guidance.

Engagement Through Behavioral Insights

  • Meaningful interactions
  • Leading to user action
  • Building trust with your customers

Conversion Through Digital Sales

  • Increase conversion
  • Fluid process navigation
  • Reduce drop-off
  • Personalized interactions

Adoption Through Proactive Support

  • Reducing call volume
  • Having your customer's back
  • Cross-sell opportunities

What makes Max so successful is the ability to...

  • Build rapport by assisting customers when they need it
  • Make a person feel like they are the most important customer
  • Understand how to best curate every conversation
  • Make each conversation individualized as well as personalized
  • Use all the various information available to them
  • Ask the best question to ensure the customer feels understood

Live Results: Working With a Tier 1 Canadian Financial Institution

Live Results
" It has a huge impact - especially when we launch a new product. It takes time to get your advisors on board and up to speed as well as time to contact the clients. Today, we can talk to the clients where they are and help them understand which products are relevant for them and we see a very high impact. "
- Nathalie Larue, Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Marketing and Personal Services, Desjardins