Fintech Finance magazine Executive interview with Nathalie Larue, PVP Desjardins (Anglais)

More than [80,000] updated figure as of Nov 2018, retail and small business customers opened a new high interest savings account once, it was proposed by [the exagens enabled] Assistant AccèsD and since then more than $500 Million have been transferred into these accounts. [Many funded from new funds coming from increases in a payroll deposit or using a portion of money from a loan payment that has just been paid off]

“In my long experience in strategy in marketing, I have never witnessed such an impressive conversion rate within a digital channel.” Larue says “I can assure you that without the use of [exagens] AI we would never have hit these figures so rapidly. “

“The key is to not engage in the sort of speculative cross-selling that only benefits the company” says Larue. “That’s where digital channels have failed previously. Our digital personal assistant won’t make suggestions every 5 minutes or even everyday. It’ll only deliver advice when it recognises an opportunity that corresponds with the client’s behaviour and information”.

“We built into our channels a digital personal assistant that will identify the right financial products for you,” says Nathalie Larue, Executive Vice-President of Strategy, Marketing and Personal services at Desjardins Group. “This technology automatically analyses your patterns, behaviours and information to give you advice that, in the past would have necessitated a lengthy meeting with a dedicated advisor. We are seeing fewer and fewer of these types of appointments taking place and therefore need to find a way to establish a digital relationship with our clients that can still offer the same level of personalized financial advice. Our digital personal assistant is the perfect solution in a world where people do their banking 24 by 7,” she says.

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