Digital Personal Financial Assistant

Max is the future of conversational agents. Constantly assessing each interaction,
Max enables you to provide each of your customers their own personal financial assistant by delivering support, tips, awareness and guidance. It does this whenever a customer requests or an opportunity is recognized, through contextually engaging, pertinent and actionable conversations.

Max creates relationships
Max builds trust
Max drives value

Customer centric

Treat your customers like they want to be treated - as individual human beings, not market segments. Max understands that what makes each person unique is more than just products owned and transactional history, and utilizes this knowledge to tailor interactions to their specific situation and characteristics.

Continuously present

Provide each customer with their own dedicated advisor. Max is always available and ready to engage proactively, or reactive to customer behavior, in a conversation demonstrating your financial institution has its customer’s best interests in mind.

Augmented AI for future growth

Exagens understands AI - its benefits as well as current limitations. Max’s Augmented AI provides immediate value today while enabling capabilities to grow with future advances in technology.

Range of capabilities

Assistance, tips, awareness, guidance, Max can provide all of these to your customers when they need it, in real-time, through contextually engaging, pertinent and actionable conversations.

What makes us unique!

Advanced artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics and machine learning technologies provide Max with the ability to autonomously connect with people in ways which resonate with their needs and aspirations. The results are deeper, more lasting relationships with your financial institution.

Stand out

Max can be customized to project the brand and personality of your financial institution, thereby greatly expanding mindshare and acceptance. Max makes interacting with your financial institution easier and more memorable.

A new source of real-time data and analytics

Continuously measure receptivity, success, satisfaction, and more. With Max you have real-time analytics that allow you to continually improve how you engage and converse with your customers.That means customer delight goes up and product disengagement goes down.

Channel optimizing team player

Max is a team player and can be seamlessly integrated with your front-line advisors (call center,branch or mobile), to better utilize their unique capabilities and provide customers with a more seamless experience throughout your financial institution.

Top-line and bottom-line results

Proven to be up to 4x more effective in engaging customers than traditional digital marketing and effective at reducing call-center calls, Max delivers both top and bottom line results and has done so while consistently achieving customer satisfaction ratings exceeding 98%!

Rapid success

Deployable in months, Max is designed to easily integrate into your existing environment and scale at your pace.

Leverage and expand the value of current assets

On-premise or cloud-based, Max works with your legacy infrastructure to gain new value from existing assets without the need to replace existing systems.

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