Exagens | Human Touch


Reshaping Digital Banking

Customers want their bank to proactively offer insight and assistance that can help them achieve their financial goals and as the majority of interactions have shifted to digital channels, the financial services industry has begun to undergo changes at a fundamental level. It’s an incredibly exciting time and Exagens was founded with the goal of being at the center of it all - assisting financial institutions in navigating and shaping this exciting future.

Delight Your Customers

Banking, insurance and wealth management customers are varied and diverse with each wanting to be treated as individuals – not just in person, but digitally as well. With Exagens, financial institutions can delight and form more meaningful relationships with their retail and commercial clients by providing each with their own (digital) personal financial assistant.

More Valued Relationships

Founded by a team of industry veterans and investor backed, Exagens is dedicated to removing the digital separation between financial institutions and their customers. Advanced artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics, and machine-learning technologies enables the autonomous personal financial assistant to learn and understand the specifics of each client, and respond in real time, with contextually engaging, pertinent and actionable assistance, tips and guidance. It makes each interaction with a financial institution more convenient, individualized, and memorable resulting in increased loyalty, customer satisfaction and improved financial results.

Quick Wins

In little time, leverage and transform your existing digital channels from transaction and informational portals to a unified platform, better capable of engagement, attachment and enrichment in the customer relationship without the need for costly and time-consuming system replacement. That’s because the Exagens personal financial assistant can be seamlessly integrated via a non-invasive deployment, enabling quick wins and a faster return on investment. In conjunction with existing CRM and call center products, Exagens makes possible a more seamless, omnichannel experience.