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Factor in the People

Technology exists to serve the people, the people creating, communicating and delivering products and services; and the people using those products and services. But all too often we see those end users, those customers, being forgotten... their needs, behaviors and situations not completely taken into account in the technological solution. We believe that people should be an integral part of the solution and that technology is there to help people and by helping people increase the enabling businesses and companies bottom line.

Exagens was founded on the principle that any technological endeavour must have the people, the users, at heart; who are they, what they want to accomplish, how much do they know, what are their interests, etc. A principle that guides us to  provide products, services and solutions aimed at humanizing the technology and establish a rapport with the people. Help, advise, relate.. be there for them, with technology. 

Techonology * People = Great things!


Our Story

Exagens was founded in mid-2012 in Montréal (Québec, Canada) by Frédéric Ah-yave and Jorge Campos.

While bringing the best Mobile Financial Services (MFS) products to the market, they got to work with many banks and telecom operators worldwide, in banking the unbanked for developing countries and in mobile banking and proximity and remote mobile payments for developed countries. And there was one constant to every project. Customer experience and understanding the needs and behavior of the people were the keys to sucess. Not the technology per se, but the best technology serving those people, the customers... Technology allowing marketing and product departments offer real value, learn and adapt.

At this point they came up with the idea of technology for people, for customers, for marketers, for product people, for real companies, with hundreds of priorities and many departments. Technology that could enable companies to reach to customers and engage them in a meaningful relationship. Technology that was not demanding of internal resources... technology that would help everybody reach their objectives and not get in the way!

And the first companies they decided to help were the financial institutions they know so well. To help banks create a bond with their customers in a simple and non-demanding way, leveraging the marketing, product and strategy resources of the banks by providing the tools to go and reach those customers without impacting internal IT departments.

Thus, exagens was found. For people and to the banks.


Our Mission


To be the best provider of products, services and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers and businesses interact together via technology by being the company that best understands and satisfies the needs of people.


Humanizing the technology to empower people, business and society and strengthen the relationships among them.

Core values

Creativity – We believe in allowing ourselves to think creatively and out of the box.

Entrepreneurship – We believe in putting our ideas into action immediately.

Collaboration – We believe in working together, educating each other, and learning from each other internally and externally.

Passion – We believe if an opportunity is approached with passion you can always find a way to accomplish your goal.

exagens Team

Our Team

Frédéric Ah-Yave

Fred has more than 15 years of experience in software development and architecture. Having worked for international companies, he had experienced a vast variety of technical and technological challenges such as the architecture and deployment of a masively used Windows Live Messenger client and gateway, Nation-wide Mobile Banking and payment solutions and real-time mission critical telecommunication systems.

Fred is focused, curious and dedicated.

Jorge Campos

Jorge has held positions in the financial and technology industries for more than 15 years. Being a pioneer of online services at Visa in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, he has been involved with online and mobile financial services all his professional life. Notably he directed the team that implemented one of the first mobile banking services in the world in 2003 when working for Gemalto (Gemplus at the time), and continued since managing technical teams and product teams. Jorge was a leading force in many mobile financial services projects for banks and telecom operators around the world. From banking the unbanked, to mobile banking, remote payments and NFC, Jorge’s products were always at the forefront of innovation, combining great customer experience and security.

Jorge is creative, passionate and driven.